Re: spoken koine greek

From: Richard Maurer (
Date: Fri Apr 16 1999 - 09:15:27 EDT

I think you're going to have to triangulate to get to Koine. The best tapes
I've heard for ancient Greek are by Stephen Daitz of CUNY, whose lifelong
obsession has been to perform Homer and other classical authors as they
were performed in 5th century B.C. Athens. *The Pronunciation and Reading
of Ancient Greek* (2 cassettes, Audio Forum, 800 243-1234) gives his
methodology along with many examples. Then *A Morphology of New Testament
Greek* by Brooks and Winbery will tell how pronunciation changed between
classical and Hellenistic times. My impression is that most of the change
was in vowels and diphthongs. Modern Greek shows you where all the subtle
trends have led, but the cumulative change has been quite drastic as
Daitz's tape demonstrates.

Richard Maurer

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