Re: reading the NT from a Greek world view?

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Date: Mon Apr 19 1999 - 09:51:27 EDT


In an on-list conversation, Jim West and Carl Conrad discussed similarities
and differences between Greek thought and Jewish (i.e., Semitic) thought,
and how those two world-views might differ in their expression in language.

To my knowledge, the best study of this topic is Martin Hengel's *Judaism
and Hellenism*, which exhaustively (and I mean *exhaustively*) illustrates
just how pervasive Hellenistic education and thinking was in the Palestinian
Judaism of the New Testament era.

Hengel provides a strong corrective for the mistaken path many in Biblical
Theology have taken, the overstating of differences between Semitic and
Greek thought. (And I chose the word "overstating" carefully--there *are*
significant differences at times, but they are not nearly as pervasive as
Biblical Theologians once proposed, nor do I think they are as pervasive as
Dr. West suggests.)


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