Matthew 4:4 "Every Word"

From: David A Bielby I (
Date: Mon Apr 19 1999 - 17:00:23 EDT

I've got another question on the words "PANTI RAEMATI" found in Matthew

Specifically what does this phrase refer to? How does the typical useage
of the term in the 1st Century affect it's meaning? What's the clear
distinction in meaning from other terms such as LOGOS in a setting like
this? Does it apply to 'A word from the Lord for an individual
man...implying an ongoing relationship where each man receives personal
direction from the Lord' or does it imply the written scriptures....or
both...or some other meaning?

I'm also really interested to see what you think about whether this would
include the "Commands of Christ" within it's jurisdiction.

Really curious to see the replies on this one...

By the way....those of us on Juno can now receive attached files for only
$2.95 per month.
On Carl's response about Greek Fonts....I don't know anyone still using our city you can get a 486 w/Win 95 installed for about $50.
Maybe it's not an issue anylonger?

David Bielby I
Pastor Vineyard Christian Fellowship Bloomington, Illinois USA

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