Re: Matthew 4:4 "Every Word"

From: Jeffrey B. Gibson (
Date: Mon Apr 19 1999 - 17:09:47 EDT

David A Bielby I wrote:

> I've got another question on the words "PANTI RAEMATI" found in Matthew
> 4:4.
> Specifically what does this phrase refer to? How does the typical useage
> of the term in the 1st Century affect it's meaning? What's the clear
> distinction in meaning from other terms such as LOGOS in a setting like
> this? Does it apply to 'A word from the Lord for an individual
> man...implying an ongoing relationship where each man receives personal
> direction from the Lord' or does it imply the written scriptures....or
> both...or some other meaning?

Its meaning is to be determined primarily from its context in Deuteronomy 8 from
which the words of Jesus in which your phrase appears is derived.

> I'm also really interested to see what you think about whether this would
> include the "Commands of Christ" within it's jurisdiction.

No. Not here, for Jesus, echoing Moses, is referring to what God commanded Israel to
"live by" during their time of "testing" in the wilderness, not anything that Jesus
has (not yet) uttered.

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