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Date: Fri Apr 23 1999 - 11:56:03 EDT

On 04/22/99, ""clayton stirling bartholomew"
<>" wrote:
> > Could anyone help resolve a statement in the preface of the "Pocket
> > Interlinear New Testament" Jay P Green, Editor stating ....
> >
> > (QUOTE)"1 Corinthians 16:1, the KJV has "churches," without any MSS support
> > at all: the Greek has church".
> My edition of Green does not say this. Go look at it again.
> Green page vii:
> "1 Cor 16:1 KJV "churches," Gk. "church" which has no manuscript support
> at all!"
> >
> > I checked the Sinaiticus Codex and it has EKKLESIA not EKKLESIAIS as in
> > UBS3 and NA26....I also noticed that the article is plural TAIS in the
> > Sinaiticus
> >
> > Did the scholars decide that EKKLESIA was a scribal error and decided on
> > EKKLESIAIS, especially since the article is plural?
> David,
> Green's comment is cryptic. What he is saying (I think) is that there is
> no manuscript evidence for the singular found in the greek text of the
> TBS edition of the TR. Green does not accept their reading but supplies
> EKKLESIAIS in 1 Cor 16:1 where he translates it as a plural just like
> the KJV, RSV, NIV etc.
> I don't have a facsimile of Siniaticus so I cannot check it but all of
> my other resources on this passage show no textual support for anything
> except the plural form EKKLESIAIS.
> Green is simply pointing out that here we have a case where the TBS
> edition of the TR is at variance with everything else. It does not agree
> with the KJV and does not even agree with the TR!!!!
> Since my only copy of the TBS edition is Green's interlinear I cannot
> verify his complaint.
> --
> Clayton Stirling Bartholomew
> Three Tree Point
> P.O. Box 255 Seahurst WA 98062

Thank you for your quick reply....I have looked again at my fasimile of
Sinaiticus [a microfilm copy] and there are two marks after EKKLESIA, a
perpendicular line which looks like an iota and a "dot"....this could well
be the iota sigma for the plural rendering...

This phrases TAIS EKKLESIAIS is found 16 times in the NT in this
grammatical form of which I hope to see if they are rendered as such in the

My question: Did the scribes sometimes use a shorthand to keep the column
uniform...I noticed the ending of other words with the sigma ending with
what appears to be a "dot" [LOGEIAS: 1 cOR.16:1] and the next word THS, in
this case, starts the next line... Another place in 1Cor 16:1 has at the
end of the line, for the word AGIOUS, AGI then two horizontal dots, a
perpendicular line, and two perpendicular dots...

I have never attempted to locate words in a Codex before so I am somewhat
ignorant of the writing style I have observed, other than I realized the
unical style. Sigma final is also written as a type of C through out the
script. Of course, the bottom line in all this is: do I have a lousy copy
of the script.

Also, is there any books or material on the writing style of the Sinaiticus
that would specifically describe all the lettering style used.

Finally, it seems that Green is saying the KJV arbitrarially used
"churches" in 1 Cor 16:1 which, according to him, has no MSS backing. What
script would he be referring to that makes the word "church" singular? The
TBS edition of 1976? Then why is it translated EKKLESIAIS in 1 Cor. 16:1 in
this edition? That is what started me on this quest in the first place. I
have e-mailed Mr(Dr.?) Green but have recieved no reply as yet.

Thank you again for your time and comments
David Hoff
Schaumburg, Il

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