RE: Ephesians ~ Present Perfect

From: Bill Ross (
Date: Tue Apr 27 1999 - 23:22:04 EDT

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<DIV><SPAN class=620051603-28041999></SPAN>{<SPAN class=620051603-28041999><FONT
color=#0000ff face=Arial size=2>Carl}&nbsp;</FONT></SPAN>I'm reminded of the old
Danny Kaye movie, "The Court Jester," that had a recurrent sequence of lessons
and responses that went:<BR><BR>--"Get it?"<BR>--"Got
it!"<BR>--"Good!"<BR><BR>And I think that's a good place to call a halt to
this.<BR><BR><FONT color=#0000ff face=Arial size=2><SPAN
<DIV><FONT color=#0000ff face=Arial size=2><SPAN class=620051603-28041999>There
is another scene where Danny plays an old man who is hard of hearing. He keeps
saying "Eh???" until the words are repeated so loud that he shouts "No need to
shout, sonny, I can hear perfectly fine!"&nbsp; So I can finally say the same.
:-}&nbsp; Thanks for your patience.</SPAN></FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT color=#0000ff face=Arial size=2><SPAN


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