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>>Subject: Re: LXX, Extra-Biblical Quotes, and the Vulgate
From: "Rodney J. Decker" <rdecker@bbc.edu>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 07:41:23 -0400
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>Can someone provide me with, or tell me where to find, a complete list of
>OT quotes in the NT that are clearly from the LXX, and the sources of
>quotes that are clearly extra-Biblical? Many thanks. Also, what Greek

Archer, Gleason A. and G. C. Chirichigno. *OT Quotations in the NT: A
Complete Curvey.* Chicago: Moody Press, 1983. Out of print last I knew;
hope you have library access to it. I know of no other one like it: gives,
in parallel columns according to OT order (w/ NT index): Hebrew, LXX, & NT
texts (all in orig. langugages), plus a fourth col. of brief commentary and
evaluation/classification of the differences, etc. One of the reprinters
really ought to pick up this very useful tool--Hendrickson? Kregel? (I
wonder if James Ernest is still reading the list? Hint!)


Is this the same as the following book available from Barnes & Noble?

Old Testament Quotations in the New Testament
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Unfortunately, no author info is available, nor was it reviewed.

Dave Hindley
Cleveland, OH

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