Re: Acts 2:6

From: clayton stirling bartholomew (
Date: Thu May 06 1999 - 14:30:26 EDT

> Alford states that the sense "this rumor" fond in Calvin, Erasmus,
> Bezae, Grotius and the KJV is not a viable option because there are no
> examples of THS FWNHS TAUTHS having this sense anywhere to be found. He
> mentions that the defenders of this sense cite the LXX Gen. xiv.16 and
> Jer xxvii(l.)46 as support for this but Alford denies that these
> passages support this sense.

I took a look at these LXX passages and first of all the Genesis passage
is a typo, should be Gen 45:16. Have you ever tried reading a photo
lithograph of 6 pt type on cheap paper in bad light?

The Genesis 45:16 LXX passage does (contra Alford) look like it might
lend some credibility to the rendering adopted by Calvin, Erasmus,
Bezae, Grotius and the KJV. I will let someone else work out all the
details on this one.

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