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Date: Fri May 07 1999 - 13:21:09 EDT

Clay wrote:

Alford states that the sense "this rumor" found in Calvin, Erasmus,
Bezae, Grotius and the KJV is not a viable option because there are no
examples of THS FWNHS TAUTHS having this sense anywhere to be found. He
mentions that the defenders of this sense cite the LXX Gen. xlv.16 and
Jer xxvii(l.)46 as support for this but Alford denies that these
passages support this sense.

The Genesis 45:16 LXX passage does (contra Alford) look like it might
lend some credibility to the rendering adopted by Calvin, Erasmus,
Bezae, Grotius and the KJV.


This morning I took a look at H.A.W. Meyer who agreed with Alford, which
is no surprise since Alford often cites Meyer. So I decided to take a
closer look at Genesis 45:16 MT/LXX and as it turns out this is an
intriguing problem in lexical semantics.

The word rendered FWNH in Genesis 45:16 LXX is qol in the MT. There is a
lot of overlap between the semantic domains of qol and FWNH particularly
in the most common meanings like sound, voice, noise, etc. However the
usage of qol in Gen 45:16 as "news or report" is somewhat less common
than the uses listed above.

Now the LXX translator of Genesis used FWNH to render qol in Genesis
45:16 because it was the obvious choice based on the most common usage
of both words. A better word to would have been FHMH.

Now the reason that I must concede that Meyer and Alford are correct is
simple. The fact that qol has "news or report" within its semantic
domain does not mean that the semantic domain of FWNH includes "news or
report." In other words, a less than ideal translation equivalent in
Genesis 45:16 LXX does not thereby extend the semantic domain of FWNH.

Based on this I would now reject the reading of Calvin, Erasmus,
Bezae, Grotius and others.

Clayton Stirling Bartholomew
Three Tree Point
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