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From: Moon-Ryul Jung (
Date: Wed May 12 1999 - 12:45:10 EDT

> >Thanks, Carl. Finally, Mark 3.1 makes sense to me.
> >Based on the data you provided, I would render it as
> > "There was there a man with his hand withered". (a)

> No, I don't really think there's any particular kind of hand indicated by
> the article, but rather (as I thought I'd said in the previous post, and as
> I note George Blaisdell also noted independently) I think this is the
> regular idiomatic use of the article in place of a reflexive pronoun or
> reflexive pronominal adjective: THN CEIRA = THN hEAUTOU CEIRA--or, the
> genitive AUTOU which is already common enough in Koine and is regular in
> Modern Greek = THN CEIRA AUTOU (yet I think the article is used even here
> where the hand (or whatever) belongs to the subject.

Ok. I got it. But George Blaisdell thinks EXHRAMMENHN is clearly
His decisions would force him to render Mk 3.1 as
" There was there a man having his withered hand."

But this sounds akward. As long as we take THN CEIRA as THN hEAUTOU CEIRA,
I think there is NO WAY to take the participle EXHRAMMENHN as attributive.

Thanks for your clarification.

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