Re: Greek Resources on CD

From: Jay Adkins (
Date: Sun May 16 1999 - 05:49:09 EDT

> Hello B-Greekers,
> Are any of you aware of any good Greek resources on CD?

Dear Jesse Henn;

There are several programs available on CD that offer many Greek resources.
 Respected in the field, in addition to BibleWorks, is Gramcord's offerings
of Accordance for the Mac and the Bible Companion for the PC. Logos (PC
only I think) uses the Gramcord data base as well, but I had trouble using
its search engine to isolate various forms in certain instances. The Logos
engine, however, does appear superior in other aspects unrelated to the
Greek resources.

Here are the web sites:

There are other programs available, however, I believe these three
(BibleWorks, Gramcord, Logos) to be the best of the best. Each having
their own set of strengths and weaknesses. To me the main weakness of all
three is the cost.

Jay Adkins

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