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"Thomas J. Kraus" wrote:

> Referring to Jonathanęs posting and Jimęs reply (two distinct groups, a
> notion which I hold, too) about the scribes of the Pharisees.
> H.-J. Fabry, who has done several papers on specific questions dealing
> with the wider field of Qumran (esp. about "the" law), propagates that the
> *scribes (of the Pharisees)* is a metaphor for the *Essens (of Qumran)*
> (in a lecture delivered at a Cologne symposium). But he can not explain
> why there was a distinction between *scribes* and *scribes of the Essens*.
> And he does not take into account the function of *scribes* in secular
> Palestine or the Graeco-Roman world. Thus, his concept is explicitly
> theoretical and postulated.
> Maybe this is of any interest.
> Best wishes,

I wonder if the answers to Jonathan's question that both you and Jim have given do
not (unconsciously) mix up an historical question with a literary one? That is to
say, is it not possible that the phrase is something Mark himself has constructed in
order to link the Scribes of Mk 2:1-12 and the Pharisees of the conflict stories in
Mk. 2:15-3:6 as a unified front hostile to Jesus, rather than something which
reflects history, especially Palestinian history c. 30 CE?


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