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Date: Wed May 19 1999 - 02:39:29 EDT


you are right. What I wrote in the short posting, could be misunderstood.
I did not refer specifically to the possibilities you mentioned (Mark
might have made up this connection, of course). All I tried to throw in
was that interpretes should be careful not to judge in a too decisive way
whether or not the scribes are these or those (see the Essene-hypothesis
supplied by Fabry), that the vocabulary used (GRAMMAEUS) must be backed by
diachronic research (a GRAMMATEUS in the papyri has specific rights and
duties to fulfill; cf. notes of secular Greek writers), and that the
broader context of (letęs say) Mark has to be taken into consideration for
talking about Mark 2:16. Then, the literary concept of Mark as a writer
might flash up (thatęs to be hoped at least).


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