Re: Pronounciation of Iesous

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Date: Thu May 20 1999 - 07:55:52 EDT

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>Greetings all,
> just a simple question , I understand that Koine Greek is a dead language
and as such the exact pronounciation as used in the 1st century is not known
for a certainty, but what is the concensus on the pronounciation of Iesous?.
>The few Greek Grammars i have (Mounce and W. Powers) do not list Iota and
Eta as a diphthong, which would mean Iesous would be pronounced as I-E-SOUS,
three syllables, is this correct?.

It is a three syllable word. More like EE-YA-SOUS where the double e's
signify a long e sound and ya signify almost an iota/yod vocalic. sous is
just as it sounds.



Jim West, ThD
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