Re: Keeping up with NT Greek after class

From: Philip Graber (
Date: Fri May 21 1999 - 10:37:44 EDT

John Baima wrote:

> Reading using a tool like my program (Bible Windows) or one of the other
> programs. I've had numerous people testify that this is the only reason
> they were able to keep (or return) to reading the GNT. I'm sure that other
> vendors have had the same letters. Seeing the parsing or looking up a word
> almost instantly will allow you to read more and get more out of the text
> than the "it's got to be painful to help" method.

I use Bible Windows in precisely this way. Reading it in a window on the computer, I
just click on a word that I don't recognize, or have forgotten, and a gloss and
parsing code pop up in a little window. Moving the mouse makes it go away so I can
move on. The gloss gives you a hint and the context teaches you the meaning the way
you learn words in your own language. I have learned more vocabulary this way than
through "memorizing vocabulary". A linguist I know thinks this is the way to
increase proficiency. He produced a DOS program to read Latin texts--when you come
to a word you don't know, you move the cursor to that word and press a key to get a
definition of the word at the bottom of the screen.

Philip Graber
Ronceverte, West Virginia USA

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