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From: John Baima (
Date: Fri May 21 1999 - 10:16:51 EDT

At 05:04 PM 5/20/1999 -0400, you wrote:
> I guess my basic question is "what is the best way to spend my
>time?" I do not have a lot of time (family, pastoring, still in
>seminary, etc.). If you could only devote 15-20 minutes a day, where
>would you devote it?

Reading using a tool like my program (Bible Windows) or one of the other
programs. I've had numerous people testify that this is the only reason
they were able to keep (or return) to reading the GNT. I'm sure that other
vendors have had the same letters. Seeing the parsing or looking up a word
almost instantly will allow you to read more and get more out of the text
than the "it's got to be painful to help" method. Some can grind it out,
manually lookup words or skip words and guess, but most will get so little
out of that that they give up. The problem with just having a translation
open is that does not tell you what the Greek is. It may help you to guess,
but it does not tell you what the parsing of a difficult form is nor does
it give a definition of a word.

I used to be a horrible speller. The "crutch" of a spell checker improved
my spelling more than all the head banging I did in all the previous years.
Why? It was quick, easy, and painless. After I misspelled the same word
enough times, I eventually leaned it. My children still spell better than I
do because they were taught phonics and I was not. However, just as the
spell checker made me a better speller, a computerized GNT can make you a
better Greek reader with a lot less pain.

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