Re: PRODROMOS in Heb 6:20

From: Steve Long (
Date: Wed May 26 1999 - 17:43:23 EDT

>Specifically, I'm intrigued by the proximity of PRODROMOS in Hebrews
>6:20 to the
>expression EIS TO ESWTERON TOU KATAPETASMATO in the preceding verse
>(6:19). I'm
>trying to determine the stories that are being brought into play here.
>My question
>has to do with something I dimly remember about either Pompey or Titus
>(I told you,
>"dimly") going into the Temple (either the 63 BCE campaign or the 70 CE
>campaign) and
>going into the Holy of Holies, going "behind the curtain" expecting to
>find great
>riches and finding only an empty room.

I wonder if PRODROMOS could be related to the Jewish Courses of priesthood?
DROMOS is 'course' or 'office', maybe it refers to an office that was
previous to the Levitical Courses (ie. the course of Melchisedik). Just an
idea that popped in my head.


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