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Date: Sun May 23 1999 - 22:59:15 EDT

On Sun 23 May 99 (14:49:50), wrote:
> "the disciples were first called Christians
> in Antioch" -Ac 11:26
> What is a good definition of "Christian"? I've heard
> Christ-like. But in the case of those who were called
> "Herodians", that would not mean Herod-like, would it?

 Hi Danny!

 IMHO the term CRISTIANOI was meant as a derisory term, because they
 were always going on about IHSOUS who was called hO CRISTOS. Compare
 the use of the pejorative term "Methodists!" which was applied to the
 Wesleys and Whitfield and the religious "enthusiasts" in the "Holy Club"
 at Oxford. ["Enthusiasm" is EN-QEWi-SIASMH, is it not?]

 The name stuck; and they decided to acknowledge it with pride (proper
 pride; not seven-deadly-sins pride). As the "Christians" of Antioch,
 so the "Methodists" of Oxford. Both Christians and Methodists (as a
 subset of Christians) have been fruitful and multiplied and filled the
 whole earth.


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