re: Hebrews 1:8

From: Carlton Winbery (
Date: Thu May 27 1999 - 14:45:12 EDT

Edgar Foster wrote;
>I understand Heb. 1:8 to be a subject nominative. In the context of
>Psalm 45, the king of Judah is being addressed. If the passage were to
>be construed as a vocative or nominative of address, then the king of
>Judah would be equated with YHWH. While it is possible that a king
>could be called ELOHIM in the OT, it seems best to construe Heb. 1:8 as
>"God is your throne."
The one addressed, as far as the writer of Hebrews sees it, is the Son. He
takes the Psalm as Messianic, so the problem would not exist for him. I
fail to see how taking God as subject or predicate nominative would be
better (theologically) than the way the UBS editors take it, as vocative.

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