Re: Phil. 2:6-An Example of Anaphora?

From: Mark Goodacre (
Date: Thu Jun 03 1999 - 08:28:43 EDT

I would like to recommend a recent book on this topic:

Ralph P. Martin & Brian J. Dodd (eds.), _Where Christology Began: Essays on
Philippians 2_ (Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 1998)

Every single essay (bar one) in the volume deal with Phil. 2.6-11. My head was
spinning by the end of it -- this is definitely not a book to be read in one
sitting. It is valuable, though. It features a defence by Jimmy Dunn of his
Adamic, non-pre-existence reading of this piece (cf. Carl's comments). It also
features much criticism of Dunn's reading, most explicitly by Richard Bauckham
in "The Worship of Jesus in Philippians 2.9-11", the best essay in the book.
He thinks that the hymn exhibits an "eschatological monotheism" that "took
christological form in the earliest Christian reflection on the exaltation of
Jesus" (p. 136).

There is lots of discussion in the various essays re. the meaning of hARPAGMOS
and the specific clause mentioned. Indeed Gerald Hawthorne has an essay in the
book in which he defends the reading mentioned by Edgar Foster.

The book will be a most useful one for anyone researching Phil. 2.6-11 --
strongly recommended.

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