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 So, the hypothesis that I would test is not that PROS indicates this kind of
 relationship or that it has a 'meaning' of oneness, but whether the
 collocation of EIMI and PROS might indicate this kind of relationship, since
 a pattern seemed to emerge in the occurances.
 Cindy Westfall >>

Yes, as I recall nothing came of that study, and there seemed to be forced
conclusions on some persons' part.

Also, the "oneness" was never defined well at all. Obviously being "with"
someone involves a relationship and hence a oneness of sorts, but for those
seeking to find an ontological oneness in any use of EIMI + PROS, I am afraid
your search will be in vain. But such a search seems to begin with motivation
coming from an already expected result.

Besides, to say that the "Word was one with God" and ten to immediately
assert that "the Word was THEOS" does not seem to fit the sense of the cotext
or the context of the Prologue as a whole, particularly in light of verse 18.

Greg Stafford

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