Re: Pros

From: Donald L. Shaffer (
Date: Thu Jun 03 1999 - 05:46:23 EDT

On 06/01/99, ""Carl W. Conrad" <>" wrote:
> I am almost (but not
> quite) ready to adopt Jim West's formula that PROS "is a directional
> preposition rather than a symbiotic one" except that, of course, I never
> said PROS is a symbiotic preposition and would not say so, whereas it seems
> to me that that is just about what Donald Shaffer wants to affirm.

Perhaps it is what I wanted to confirm, but my interest was only in certain
verses. Cindy Westfall brought to my attention that most of those verses
contained a combination of EIMI and PROS. My response fits better under
her post, so I won't dublicate it here.

Donald L. Shaffer

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