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Date: Thu Jun 03 1999 - 14:13:16 EDT


In a message dated 6/3/99 8:28:06 AM Mountain Daylight Time, TonyProst writes:

> This seems to verge on the __extremely__ subjective. Native English
> speakers cannot even agree on what the word "with" means in the phrase "And
> the word was with god" even in English....even among communicants. It is
> __possible__ to say what PROS __really, really__ means, with the effect of
> solving all translation difficulties in one fell (!) swooop. When you get
> the question of how far you can tease it from its antique locational
> you enter exegesis.

I suggest that you read my post again, or ask for clarification, because I
actually agree with your conclusions about PROS.

I don't agree that studies in collocation are subjective or exegesis--that
is, given that they follow the metholdology of linguistic studies of

This is the approach to the question that is the most objective, founded on
comparable linguistics studies. Everyone has an idea when they start such
studies--a working hypothesis. And let me add that the study of such
collocations rarely yield precisely the expected results, and you generally
end up drawing unexpected conclusions, when it is done with the proper

I have suggested an extemely lengthy process of study that could like a major
dissertation. The methodology involved is based entirely on comparable
secular studies. I would expect that anyone undertaking such a study would
do the proper reading on how studies in collocation and corpus linguistics
are conducted.

Cindy Westfall
PhD Student, Roehampton

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