Re: Pros

From: Donald L. Shaffer (
Date: Fri Jun 04 1999 - 05:41:17 EDT

On 06/03/99, ""Carl W. Conrad" <>" wrote:
> The input I was eager to get into this discussion with my long and pedantic
> response was that one really does well to START with what we are told by
> lexicons and grammars about the meanings of prepositions and particles
> before launching into a speculative wild goose chase.

It was *because* of starting with the lexicon that I went to using context.
 The lexicon said that PROS was much more often translated as something
else rather than "with." I wanted to determine for myself whether it
really meant "with" in a way that would exclude Him from being the one He
was with.

Donald L. Shaffer

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