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From: Donald L. Shaffer (
Date: Fri Jun 04 1999 - 05:37:13 EDT

On 06/03/99, "George Blaisdell <>" wrote:
> Now EIMI plus PROS plus accusative would seem to fit this formulation with
> great precision, indeed in such a way as to define it as virtually
> relationship itself [to Platonize Aristotle a tad!]. So when John 1:1 has
> hO LOGOS HN PROS TON QEON, we can assume on this approach that it clearly
> means relationship, where hO LOGOS is TO in the formulation, and TON QEON is
> TI, and the HN is the very implied stative verb of existence in TO PROS TI.

I'm sure that some day I will understand this better. It would help to
know what TO and TI mean. But thanks, I will save this for later

Donald L. Shaffer

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