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From: Donald L. Shaffer (
Date: Fri Jun 04 1999 - 05:30:28 EDT

On 06/03/99, ""Carl W. Conrad" <>" wrote:
> The rest of this is theological speculation, which really doesn't belong on
> this list

This is a Greek list, and perhaps I am one who doesn't belong here. I
don't know much about Greek, but using Strong numbers compare the context
of various verses to try to get the meaning. I just want to say before
leaving that translators at one time must have used context to determine
what the words were to mean in the first place. Even babies do the same as
they learn to talk. I would like to learn Greek to help in understanding
what the Bible is really saying. But I think I would always use context
just as much. Having said that, I agree that one shouldn't break accepted
rules of translating just because of his theology.

Donald L. Shaffer

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