From: Linda Gray (
Date: Thu Jun 03 1999 - 19:22:37 EDT

> There may be few occurrences of EIMI + PROS in the NT, but the context
> seems to say something. John 1:1,2 are the verses that started my
> research. But Mark 6:3 is the first one that gave me the idea of an
> implied oneness. The context shows that the Jews were reasoning that
> couldn't be so special because His father and brothers were normal
> Then they said that His sisters were with them. I don't see why they
> have included that fact unless it also was important to their reasoning
> about Jesus' identity. If a oneness is implied, then the sisters would
> normal people because they would be included with themselves; as normal
> people.

The thing is Donald is this that your taking this "oneness" out of context.
 The Jews were not saying that the sisters were the same person as them,
since that is what you would be implying with your using this to prove John
1:1 which is notorious for theological discusions about the Trinity.

The Jews were saying that they were from the same area and were still
living in the same area, not that they were the same person as them. That
would not fit the context.

Mitchell Gray

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