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Date: Thu Jun 03 1999 - 09:57:14 EDT

At 8:19 AM -0500 6/3/99, Eric Weiss wrote:
>[I figured our further conversation on this probably ought to be on the
>discussion, so I took the "freedom" to send this (which contains our last 2(?)
>exchanges) also to B-Greek. I hope you don't mind.]
>The hHi [with which] was "my idea" - in/by the freedom [with which] Christ
>us." It was the best way I could figure to translate into English what I
>was a possible translation of 4:31-5:1(a) if they're viewed as one verse.
>I'm teaching/preaching from Galatians (verse-by-verse - I did 1 & 2 last
>time and
>will do 3 &maybe 4 this Sunday) - and when I get to 4:31/5:1 I wanted to
>the Expositor's GT's and my own alternative translation(s), so I
>appreciate your

Eric omitted my follow-up to that post:

>At 6:28 AM -0500 6/3/99, Eric Weiss wrote:
>>Yes, I find it interesting, too, and the Exp. GT lists/discusses the
>>As I said, this translator is somewhat iconoclastic and even idiosyncratic at
>>points, but his suggestion is intriguing.

At 7:42 AM -0400 6/3/99, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>And there doesn't seem to be any problem with the deictic article: I've
>found references to other GNT uses. Regards, c

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