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Date: Fri Jun 04 1999 - 04:43:21 EDT

George Blaisdell wrote:

> >The possibility of the purpose use might relate to Deissmann's
> >discovery that THi ELEUQERIAi was used in the sacral manumission procedures
> >of the day to emphasize purpose Light from the Ancient East, 326.
> Joseph ~
> So are you saying that it might then translate as "For the [sake of the]
> Light"? An intriguing possibility indeed.
> Thank-you ~
> George Blaisdell
> Roslyn, WA

I think you'll find 'Light' is part of the title of Deismann's book about the
discovery of papyri in Egypt, so 'Light from the Ancient East'

No-one has yet considered dative of reference/respect - if there is such a thing (I'm
going back a bit and not taking into account function in wider context of how it
relates to 4:31 and 5:2ff), yielding:

'With respect/reference to freedom, Christ has freed us. Stand firm then ...' (a)

Taking into account what has preceded, the article may have demonstrative sense (ie

'With respect to this/that freedom, Christ has freed us. Stand firm then ...' (b)

Would it be too much to suggest:

'With respect to this freedom, it is Christ who has freed us.' (c)

making Christ emphatic in some way (although I realise that if we make hHMAS CRISTOS
HLEUQERWSEN its own phrase then hHMAS is emphatic: Christ has freed *us*.)

or 'It was with respect to this freedom, that Christ has freed us.'? (d)

A question for those who know Greek better than I: would the fact that this sentence
is asyndetic make an anaphoric THi less likely?

If THi is anaphoric then 'for freedom, Christ has set us free' (ie purpose) would

'for this freedom Christ has freed us.' (e)

or 'it was for this freedom that Christ has freed us' (f)

I'd be grateful if the big Greeks following this thread could comment for and against
the above options


Jonathan Ryder

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