Re: Handwriting the letters, Greek Bible casette tapes?

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Date: Mon Jun 07 1999 - 08:22:42 EDT

On 4 Jun 99 at 18:09, Angela Clements wrote:

> Hello, my children and I have just begun studying NT Greek and I have two
> primary questions. Where may I see some samples of handwriting, especially of
> the capital letters. It is difficult to determine how to make some of these
> capital letters with a pen, particularly the Xsi. Is it just three stright
> bars with the middle one shorter? Does one just make their hand printing look
> as much like the machine printing as possible?

There's a little on how to write the letters in Jonathan Robie's
excellent on-line introduction:

But not on the capital letters.

In addition to the resource mentioned by Wieland, see the following place for
a directory of on-line images of NT manuscripts:
> Also, is there a voice recording on cassette tapes of someone reading
> through the Greek New Testament so we could listen and learn
> pronunciation?

I don't know, but again there is an on-line resource that might help, again
Jonathan Robie's 101, which features Jonathan pronouncing all the examples he

For pronunciation of the Greek alphabet and some vocabulary, see David Hall's
page at:

I hope that this helps.

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