Re: SULLAMBANW active w/dative?

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Date: Mon Jun 07 1999 - 13:41:54 EDT

<x-rich>At 10:04 AM -0700 6/7/99, clayton stirling bartholomew wrote:

>Is SULLAMBANW active (not middle) ever found with a substantive in the

>dative case where it means seize or arrest?


>I am trying to make sense out of one of the "obvious errors" in Codex

>Bezae, Acts 17:18 which replaces SUNEBALLON with SUNELABON. I know

>making sense out of "obvious errors" is a dubious exercise but then

>reading Codex Bezae is a dubious exercise as well.


Seems possible, at least:

</color></bold><color><param>0000,7777,0000</param>c. dat. pers.,
<italic>take pert with</italic> another, <italic>assist</italic> him,
ou tois athumois h tuch x. S.<italic>Fr.</italic>927, cf. Eur. Med.
813, Hdt. 6.125, etc.; ta dunata ti polei x. Aristoph. Eccl. 861; s.
tisi ti <italic>take part with</italic> or <italic>assist</italic> them
in a thing, IDEM=Aristoph. Lys. 540 (lyr.), Xen. Cyrop. 7.5.49, etc.;
s. tini tinos Eur. Med. 946, Aristoph. Wasps 734 (lyr.); s. tini tini
Dem. 18.20: with a Prep., sunelabe gar alla . . es to peithesthai
<italic>contributed</italic> towards persuading, Hdt. 7.6, cf. Xen.
Mem. 2.6.28: abs., <italic>assist</italic>, Aesch. Lib. 812 (lyr.),
Soph. Trach. 1019 (lyr.), Aristoph. Kn. 229, Thuc. 1.118; dei de
xullambanonta tous theous epikaleesthai while invoking the gods one
must <italic>help oneself</italic>, Hp.<italic>Insomn.</italic>87.

</color>>There is another "obvious error" which is hard to read in this

>the replacement of hOI DE with OIDEN. I didn't find anyway to make

>out of that one, but the SUNELABON reading seemed to hover on the

>boundary of intelligibility with the exception of the dative pronoun


<color><param>0000,7777,0000</param>Perhaps hOI DEN for "they
didn't/don't ..." (I don't know when DEN became the standard Greek
negative particle that it is today (from OUDEN). NO, I frankly don't
think that's where it came from.

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