SULLAMBANW active w/dative?

From: clayton stirling bartholomew (
Date: Mon Jun 07 1999 - 13:04:17 EDT

Is SULLAMBANW active (not middle) ever found with a substantive in the
dative case where it means seize or arrest?

I am trying to make sense out of one of the "obvious errors" in Codex
Bezae, Acts 17:18 which replaces SUNEBALLON with SUNELABON. I know that
making sense out of "obvious errors" is a dubious exercise but then
reading Codex Bezae is a dubious exercise as well.

There is another "obvious error" which is hard to read in this verse,
the replacement of hOI DE with OIDEN. I didn't find anyway to make sense
out of that one, but the SUNELABON reading seemed to hover on the
boundary of intelligibility with the exception of the dative pronoun

Clayton Stirling Bartholomew
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