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From: Nichael Lynn Cramer (
Date: Sat Jun 05 1999 - 14:28:39 EDT

Robert Rabe wrote:
> [...] I'm looking for a source through which I can purchase a
>pocket-sized (preferably something 4" wide wide and 5" or 6" tall) Greek
>New Testament with a Greek/English lexicon (dictionary) in the back. [...]

Hi Robert

You've received several good answers already, but I just wanted to add a
couple of notes.

1] The search for a good, compact "reader's edition" of the GNT --which
seems to be what you're looking for-- has come up before on this list. The
quick answer is that there doesn't appear to be one available.

(OTOH, if you _do_ find one, please be sure to let the rest of us know.
Lots of folks here would be interested!)

2] As unfortunate as this may be, it actually does make some economic
sense. That is, the reason a GNT is so much larger than, say, a compact
English NT is because of all the ancillary information it includes (the
critical apparatus, etc.) And, quite simply, for the overwhelming majority
of folks needing a GNT --and for the specialized needs that they have--
this additional information is essential. In many cases at least as
important as the text itself.

In short, a reader's edition of a modern GNT would probably not be an
economically viable venture. (Otherwise, very likely, someone would
already have published one.)

3] Many folks have mentioned possible alternative sources for non-critical
GNT. You should be aware, though, that most [all?] of these texts are in
either modern greek or contain the inferior Majority text.

4] Likewise many folks have made the reasonable suggestion of using a
lexicon in a separate volume. The very good UBS lexicon has been suggested.

Two other volumes to consider are: The (Oops, I forget the name of the
company; they do a series of yellow "pocket" dictionaries.) While hardly
a lexicon for the NT, the volume is _very_ compact, cheap, easily available
at a regular bookstore and, when used with care, quite useful.
I currently carry around the "Shorter Lexicon" of Gingrich and Danker in my
briefcase. Although this volume is about twice the thickness as the UBS
lexicon, it does contain a *lot* of information for the size, but still is
a reasonable "briefcase" --if not "pocket"-- size.


P.S. Or (to go to a very different definitiion of "pocket-sized" ;-) if
you are one of those of us who find ourselves never very far from a laptop,
you might consider getting one of the easily accessible texts for your

Nichael Cramer                           nulla dies sine linea

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