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From: Maurice A. O'Sullivan (
Date: Wed Jun 09 1999 - 18:53:55 EDT

>Thanks to John and Maurice for their responses to my post on 1 Peter
>2:19. I don't have access to Spicq or the _Exegetical Dictionary_ (alas)
>and my copy of TDNT is in a box in Chicago. If you could find the time
>to summarize some of Spicq, that would be greatly appreciated.

In the light of your two points below, I'll beg off summarizing those five
pages of Spicq, devoted mainly to a a survery of Hellenistic usage, rather
than to the specific grammatical points you raise --- though I cannot
resist quoting:

" rhe first known papyrological occurrence [ of SUNEIDHSIS ] is from AD 59,
A former soldier, Lucius Pamiseus, having met a convoy of donkeys loaded
with stones, led by a slave, received a violent kick from one of the
donkeys. The terrified slave look flight: -- 'the slave, aware of his
crime, fled' . He acted not out of remorse but out of the fear of the
punishment that he might receive"
and then follows a footnote citing Philo _Virtues_ 124

So you see why I'm begging off <g>

>(1) Can the genitive QEOU be rendered "with regard to" or "toward God"?
>Is that reading -- adopted by many -- possible for the genitive? At this
>point, taking it as an objective genitive ("consciousness of God") seems
>to make more sense to me.

Zerwick, Grosvenor [ A Grammatical Analysis of the GNT ( Rome ) ] render
DIA S... QEOU as:
_in (ful) consciousness of God_ , involving moral obligation, _with God in
mind _

I see that G. Ludemann, in EDNT, holds that 1 P 2:19 is one of two "
post-Pauline usages of the word in the absolute that reflect an independent
recollection of the Hellenistic usage seen in Paul -- _knowledge_ of God,
contra L. Goppelt "


Maurice A. O'Sullivan
[ Bray, Ireland ]

" Blessed he that neither tastes
bitter wisdom from the Greeks,
nor spits out the simple words
of the men of Galilee!"

-------- St. Ephraim the Syrian

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