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Date: Wed Jun 09 1999 - 18:15:51 EDT


There are a couple of lists going that I'm aware of.

The first is a sister list to this one, as has a similar history and
also has Jonathan Robie as listowner. It's Biblical Hebrew, and you
subscribe just like you did for this list, either at or by sending a message to

The second list Hebraisticum <>. It's
been a long time since I signed up for that one, but I seem to recall
that it is a "majordomo" list, which means that you would have to send a
message to with the text "subscribe
hebraisticum" A word of warning: this list tends to have more
posts in German than does Biblical Hebrew. But the majority of postings
have been in English.

Actually, there is a lot of overlap in membership of these two. You
probably would get 95%+ of the postings by joining Biblical Hebrew.

Oh, and as far as hebrew in the Word environment: unless you can get
hold of the Israeli version of Windows, you'll have to resign yourself
to either reversing the text (either as you type it or with a macro) or
using alternate transliterations that run from left to right.

Hope this helps,


Tom Conry wrote:

> First of all, thanks to everyone who responded with such helpful
> information on Heb 6:20 PRODROMOS. I finished my paper and
> everything went well . . . the pointers people gave me were
> really useful.
> Second, a more general thanks. I've been on this list for a
> year, and I've gotten a lot out of it. I imagine there are
> others as well who rarely post but who benefit from the
> reflections and wisdom of others.
> Third, I'm just about to begin learning Hebrew (I'm continuing
> with Greek as well). Can anyone recommend a list similar to this
> one which takes on questions of Hebrew grammar? I'm
> particularly interested right now in very basic questions, such
> as: how do I use Hebrew with Microsoft Word . . . that sort of
> thing. I've asked the same question on a couple of Microsoft
> newsgroups and thus far have gotten no responses, so anywhere you
> could point me for information would be really valued.
> Thanks, everyone.
> Tom Conry

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