Re: Galatians 6:6

From: Carlton Winbery (
Date: Thu Jun 10 1999 - 14:11:59 EDT

Eric Weiss wrote;
>The somewhat idiosyncratic (to me) Frederic Rendall in The Expositor's
>Greek Testament says this verse is enjoining the leaders of the churches to
>let all the members participate in the spiritual blessings which they (the
>leaders) enjoy - which is the exact opposite of how most translations
>render it. Most seem to view it as an instruction to students to share
>"good things" (money?) with their teachers, rather than Rendall's view that
>Paul is telling the teachers to share all the spiritual blessings they
>enjoy with their students (i.e., to prevent the elitism Paul was trying to
>combat via this epistle).

>The somewhat idiosyncratic (to me) Frederic Rendall in The Expositor's
>Greek Testament says>>>>

Careful, I've always liked Rendall and the Exp. Gk. Test. having almost
worn out the volume on Paul.

As a teacher I like the traditional understanding, especially when students
who are pastors bring in the mayhaw jelly. But I think that Rendall may be
right that the verb KOINWNEW can carry the meaning of "participate in." The
passive ptc then being the nominative would be those being taught also
participating in the good things that teachers possess.

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