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Date: Thu Jun 10 1999 - 14:41:22 EDT

On 06/10/99, "Carlton Winbery <>" wrote:
> Eric Weiss wrote;
> >
> >The somewhat idiosyncratic (to me) Frederic Rendall in The Expositor's
> >Greek Testament
> Careful, I've always liked Rendall and the Exp. Gk. Test. having almost
> worn out the volume on Paul.
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I like the EGT also. (But mine doesn't have a volume on "Paul" - mine is in
5(?) volumes and goes basically canonically through the New Testament. This
is the EGT edited by Nicoll, done in the '50's, I believe - not Alford's(?)
100-year-old one.)

I refer to Rendall as "idiosyncratic" because at several points he
interprets/translates/comments on the Galatians text differently than
almost every translation I compare his rendering with. E.g., he is the one
who suggested the THi ELEUQERIAi ... translation of Galatians 5:1 that has
prompted such an interesting discussion on this list (after I submitted his
translation to B-Greek for comment). He seems to treat PNEUMA in Galatians
often as a man's human spirit, even in places where most translations treat
it as the Holy Spirit, and I don't offhand agree with him on this.

- Eric Weiss

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