Re: Septuagint Quotations

From: Jay Adkins (
Date: Fri Jun 11 1999 - 06:49:06 EDT

Regarding NT Quotes from LXX

Jim West Wrote:
<<<<Its not really that simple. Some of the quotations in the NT from the
OT are clearly from the LXX. Most, however, are not from any version of the
LXX known to us. Does this mean that the writer is using a different
version of the LXX, making a translation of the Hebrew himself, quoting
from memory and doing a rather bad job of it, or merely loosely
paraphrasing with no intention of really quoting at all? Is he alluding or
quoting? Is he using a text before him or a little booklet of texts?>>>>

Are not some quotes of the OT in the NT from Talmudic and other Jewish
sources as well?

Jay Adkins

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