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From: Joel D Kalvesmaki (
Date: Fri Jun 11 1999 - 12:46:10 EDT

Greetings from a new subscriber to the list. I am graduating this year from
the University of Washington (Seattle) and entering Early Christian Studies
at Catholic University of America next year (FWIW).

Having just worked through the bulk of the work, I can recommend Stanley,
Christopher D., Paul and the Language of Scripture, Cambridge: CUP 1992 as a
thorough analysis of the use OT citation in St. Paul. I think this might be
something which would help Mr. Diehl, if only for a starting place whence to
carry on further studies.

This last year I have worked on a senior project where I analyzed some of
the use of the LXX in the NT. Amening Dr. West, I might add that the use of
the LXX differs from NT author to NT author and from OT book to OT book. But
overall, 46% of the NT (NA 26) citations of the OT display two or less
variants from Rahlf's LXX. (I've counted every one of 'em!)

That interest led me to compile a few links for a Septuagint web site: Any suggestions for additional
links are welcome!

In addition, I and several grad students are interested in getting a public
discussion list going regarding septuagintal and cognate studies. Is there
anyone out there who would care to cast ideas our way or join the endeavor?
I have put a temporary page up for this project at the following: .

Thanks to all!

Joel D Kalvesmaki
Senior, Classics and Philosophy
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington
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Date: Thursday, June 10, 1999 8:12 PM
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>At 09:57 PM 6/10/99 -0500, you wrote:
>>Denny Diehl here
>>Does anyone have a list or a web site noting which
>>New Testament quotations of the Old Testament
>>are from the Septuagint and which are from the
>Its not really that simple. Some of the quotations in the NT from the OT
>are clearly from the LXX. Most, however, are not from any version of the
>LXX known to us. Does this mean that the writer is using a different
>version of the LXX, making a translation of the Hebrew himself, quoting
>memory and doing a rather bad job of it, or merely loosely paraphrasing
>no intention of really quoting at all? Is he alluding or quoting? Is he
>using a text before him or a little booklet of texts?
>The issue is quite complex, really. And the most thorough discussion of
>issue can be found in the three volume (yes 3!) work of Hans Huebner.
>Jim West, ThD
>web page-

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