Genitive phrase in 2 Peter 1:3...

From: Alan Crim (
Date: Sun Jun 13 1999 - 23:34:40 EDT

I have a question about the genitive phrase THS QEIAS DUNAMEWS AUTOU. Why
is this phrase translated as the subject of the sentence in all the
translations I have read? They say "His divine power has given us
everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him who
called us by His own glory and goodness." Could someone explain this use of
the genitive to me? I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to greek, but am
trying to learn more through personal study.

To my (very) limited greek knowledge, it seems the verse could be

"He has given to us all things [we need?] for life and godliness by means
of His divine power..." [adverbial genitive of means?]


"He has given to us all things for life and godliness from His divine
power..." [genitive of source?]

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

-Alan Crim

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