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>I have a question about the genitive phrase THS QEIAS DUNAMEWS AUTOU.>


There's a useful book:

Perschbacher, Wesley J. New Testament Greek Syntax: An Illustrated Manual.
Chicago: Moody, 1995.

[ According to, this title is out of print --- something i find
hard to believe is anything but temporary for a useful tool like this,
published only four years ago
However, I see there are a number of second hand copies currently available
on MX BookFinder at: ]

and I thought you might like to look up the examples he cites for the
genitivie absolute:

Gen. masc. sg 1 Jn 5:13
         fem. Gal. 3:25
         masc. pl. Ac. 6:1
         fem. pl Ac. 25:13

Genitive pronoun as subject of genetive absolute construction 2 Co. 1:11

In another section, dealing with the fact that " adverbial or
circumstantial participles are always anarthrous [ i.e without the definite
article ]
he gives:

Gen. pl. masc pres. pass. ptc. Mt. 28:13 "..... _stole_ him _ while
we were sleeping_
Gen. sg. fem. aor. mid. dep. ptc. Mt. 14:2 " ... and _when evening
came he was there_ alone


Maurice A. O'Sullivan [ Bray, Ireland ]

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