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Date: Fri Jun 18 1999 - 13:07:55 EDT

On 18 Jun 99, at 9:05, Mark House wrote:

> >>I know this isn't a BGreek question, but it does have to do with Greek. I
> am compiling some lists of Greek vocabulary for different books. I would
> like to be able to able to compare the files for those words that are unique
> to each list. Is there a Windows 95 program out there that will do this?
> The files are in Word97 format and Excel97 format right now.<<

I assume you have office 97 which includes Access 97. You could
easily import the files into Access then run all kinds of queries on
your data. Access is an end user db product so it walks you
through writing your queries.
Hope this helps.

Lord Blessings,

Bob Bower
Concordia Theological Seminary
Fort Wayne, IN

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