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From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Sat Jun 19 1999 - 18:02:56 EDT

At 6:55 AM -0700 6/19/99, George Blaisdell wrote:
>>From: "Carl W. Conrad"
>>Moon-Ryul Jung wrote:
>> >Linda asked:
>> >The question is about the translation of the "because clause":
>> >Literally it says:
>> >God judged your judgement from her.
>> >
>> >Some translated it as
>> >God judged your judgement against her.
>> >It seems to make sense.
>> >So, here we have two questions.
>> >(1) Can EX mean AGAINST?
>> >(2) What does "KRINW TO KRIMA hUMWN" mean?
>>(1) No, EK in this instance must mean (oddly) "with reference to", an
>>extraordinary extension of "arising from",
>>hOTI EKRINEN hO QEOS TO KRIMA hUMWN EX AUTHS 'because God condemned her
>>what she did to you' Re 18:20.
>>Note that this translation is of the "dynamic equivalence" sort: it is good
>>English but there's no way to see in it what Greek text it is derived from
>>without having gone through the entire >analysis of the two phrases in
>I am wondering if this may be a formulaic expression of a legal decision, in
>virtue of the two genitives following TO KRIMA. In US courts the judge
>might say "I find FOR the plaintiff AGAINST [EX] the defendant. This would
>have hUMWN EX AUTHS as a unit [of decision, both for and against] modifying
>So here: hOTI EKRINEN hO QEOS TO KRIMA hUMWN EX AUTHS would translate
>"[rejoice] that God decided the judgement [in favor] of you against [away
>from] her."

If you're really serious about this hypothesis, George, it wouldn't hurt to
check it in a lexicon and find out whether there's such an idiom in Greek
usage of the first century. Normally, however, I wouldn't attempt to draw
inferences back to Greek usage from 20th century American English usage--or
I suppose this more likely goes back to British judicial English.

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