Re: Incidence of article with NT names

From: Jeffrey B. Gibson (
Date: Wed Jun 16 1999 - 21:06:07 EDT

Steven Cox wrote:


> Q2. If it is statistically significant then does the article use tell us
> anything about Petros and (more so) Satanas related to other proper nouns?
> Wild guesses:
> e.g. Petros has article more often because it can exist in plural (but can
> Satanas exist in plural? I thought once or twice in PMG but can find no
> trace in Bauer)
> e.g. Satanas is influenced by Hebrew? (but I thought in Hebrew PNs didn't
> take the article?)

Don't know how to answer your question on PETROS, but in all but one of the
references to Satan in the Hebrew Bible, the term is *not* a proper name -- it is a
title of a God appointed office. And I'd say that despite our tendency to personalize
*and* demonize Satan (sorry about the pun), most of the NT references to that figure
are actually references to the office that the heavenly being who fills it---often in
the service of God--carries out.


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