Incidence of article with NT names

From: Steven Cox (scox@Mail.Sparkice.COM.CN)
Date: Wed Jun 16 1999 - 20:38:58 EDT

Dear b-greekers
I was sent the following stats on NT article use with names

Word total %w/o art.
Abraham 72 16.4 83.6
Moses 79 16.46 83.54
David 58 8.6 91.40
Elijah 29 0 100
John 34 11.8 88.2
Petros 92 56.5 43.5
Satanas 37 86.49 13.51

Q1. Over this number of samples is there any statistical significance in
Petros and Satanas?
(Bearing in mind that Peter often heads the lists of the 12 disciples and
his name occurs more often on its own in prominence?)

Q2. If it is statistically significant then does the article use tell us
anything about Petros and (more so) Satanas related to other proper nouns?

Wild guesses:
e.g. Petros has article more often because it can exist in plural (but can
Satanas exist in plural? I thought once or twice in PMG but can find no
trace in Bauer)
e.g. Satanas is influenced by Hebrew? (but I thought in Hebrew PNs didn't
take the article?)

Anyone care to comment?
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