Re: Incidence of article with NT names

From: Jonathan Ryder (
Date: Thu Jun 24 1999 - 06:27:39 EDT

Steven Cox wrote:
> Dear b-greekers
> I was sent the following stats on NT article use with names
> Word total %w/o art.
> Abraham 72 16.4 83.6
> Moses 79 16.46 83.54
> David 58 8.6 91.40
> Elijah 29 0 100
> John 34 11.8 88.2
> Petros 92 56.5 43.5
> Satanas 37 86.49 13.51

Can anyone supply us with some more stats on other names so that we can see
whether the levinson hypothesis (as put forward by Michael Palmer and works,
i.e. are there any other names that show a high incidence of w. article due to
the fact that they reoccur often in story/narrative after their first occurence.
Abraham, Moses, David and Elijah are all likely to occur only once or twice each
time they are mentioned as they won't be narrative characters in NT (transfig
and Dives and Lazarus not withstanding), whereas Peter is likely to feature
throughtou a narrative. You might expect John to be more like Peter, but then
you have to ask 'which John?'

So can anyone give us stats for Jesus, Paul, James etc. (It would be useful to
have different stats for Gospels/Acts and Epistles etc.)?

Jonathan Ryder

PS what's 'salience'?

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