Re: to lay hands upon

From: Jim West (jwest@Highland.Net)
Date: Sun Aug 01 1999 - 15:09:03 EDT

At 06:13 PM 8/1/99 +0200, you wrote:
>Jim West:
>> What makes you think the phrase serves as some
>> kind of metaphor???
>1. Do you think the rulers go out personally and grab him?

The representatives of the rulers are de facto acting as the rulers
themselves- and de jure as well. So yes, the rulers do lay hands on him.

>2. Do you think when they actually have him "they could not take him
>because the hour of his arrest had not yet come?"

Yup- I see no reason for this not being the case. Just as old folk in the
hospital linger and do not die because, for some mysterious reason, they
choose not to as they have not seen their oldest son yet (or whatever).

>Ok. with some phantasy one can think of a scenario where this is
>possible, but I thought it is maybe something else, "sentencing him in
>abstensia" or something.

No- I dont take it as that at all.

>Best wishes

To you as well.

> Wieland

Jim West, ThD
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