Review comparing GRAMCORD, BibleWorks, and Logos

From: Randy Leedy (
Date: Tue Aug 10 1999 - 13:57:32 EDT

I've recently completed a LENGTHY review (almost 40 pages, crammed
pretty full) comparing these three programs, giving special attention
to issues related to original language study. My emphasis falls
significantly on the NT, though I do not neglect the Old.

I hope to have this review posted on the Web in .PDF format before
long, but for the present I would still like to make it available via
email so that it might enjoy at least a couple of weeks of validity
before some publisher's program upgrade obsoletes it!

All three publishers have reviewed my work, two of them very
carefully, and appear to be satisfied with its accuracy. In case
you're wondering what my bottom-line conclusions are, they are that
your choice of program depends strongly on the kind of work you want
to do, and that for serious grammatical work one would do very well to
make use of both GRAMCORD and BibleWorks.

I'm making the review available in two formats. The Microsoft Word
6.0 version has True Type fonts embedded, and I believe the Greek and
Hebrew will show correctly, on most systems, at least. The Rich Text
Format version uses upper-case transliterations for the Greek and
Hebrew words. I have not worked to perfect the page format in these
email versions, but I think any formatting problems will be only
minimally annoying.

I am distributing these files in .ZIP format to reduce load on our
email system, hoping that most users are set up to handle this format
or have friends who are. If it is impossible for you to handle this
format, let me know and I will try to accommodate you. I may wait
until I have several such requests and respond to them at once, so
please be patient.

To request an automatically generated copy of this review, email me
at For the Rich Text version, use the subject line
"review rtf" (quotes don't matter), and for the Word 6.0 version use
the subject line "review doc". To request an uncompressed copy, write
me with some other subject line.

I hope I've made everything clear in this first message so that I
won't have to interrupt list traffic with any further explanations.

Blessings! (Acts 3:26)

Randy Leedy
Bob Jones University

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