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From: Jon Weatherly (jweather@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Aug 12 1999 - 12:23:56 EDT

List members will be interested to know that the first section,
discussing tenses, of Ernest DeWitt Burton's classic *Syntax of Moods
and Tenses in the New Testament Greek* will soon be made available on
the web at the following site:


At the start page, click on "New Additions" to see Burton.

The files will work with any browser but show best with Netscape. Cross
references in Burton are hyperlinked. Greek characters are displayed
using the BibleWorks font. Users without those fonts can download them
for free by following a link on the dabar site.

The site also has other material of interest in biblical studies, so
you're invited to look around while you're there. Site director Dan
Dyke, Associate Professor of Old Testament at Cincinnati Bible College
& Seminary, will be glad to hear comments and suggestions from b-greek
subscribers. He is also interested in suggestions for other primary
texts and secondary works in the public domain for posting on the site,
as he has student workers available to do the work of transcribing.
E-mail Dan at dan.dyke@goodnews.net.

Jon Weatherly
Professor of New Testament
Cincinnati Bible College & Seminary
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