Re: EPI PASH TH MNEIA hUMON - Philippians 1:3

From: Joseph Brian Tucker (
Date: Thu Aug 12 1999 - 11:06:47 EDT


EPI PASHi THi MNEIAi hUMWN - I have noticed a few other difficulties:

1. Does the EPI with the dative mean "because of" or does it convey the
idea of time, "at the time of"?

2. PASHi THi MNEIAi - Does Paul mean "remembrance" or "mentioning someone
in prayer"?

3. Does PASHi usually mean "all" or "every" when it stands outside the
article-noun unit? (Moule,_Idiom_, 93)

4. So is this a general: "whenever someone remembers another" or a specific
"every remembrance of another."

Thank You
Brian Tucker,M.A.
Riverivew, MI

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